74. 2023 Halloween Spooktacular: Two Haunts and a Flaunt

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls! Welcome to another Halloween Spooktacular! It’s that special time of year when Patrick pastes on a really cool beard and walks on stilts and pretends to be Clayton for one harrowing night. But this year, the Spooktacular comes with a twist — Patrick brought three stories to the seance table, and Clayton must determine which one of them is a lie.

This is the story of three different hauntings. (Well, two, technically.) Come for the ghosts, stay for no such thing as a pinsula, gold inside (shhh), “not a good start, Tom,” the wild sheep of Alaska, Precious Moments mining, the Solomon plan, soldering stuff, Jeremy problems, key parties, and a pretty spot-on Benoit Blanc impression (Clayton paid us extra to say that).


***Patrick to fill this in at some point, probably

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