105. Popper, the Herrmann House Ghost

Some ghosts will scare you within an inch of your life. Others will unscrew peroxide [...]

104. The Ghost of Sawney Bean

We’ve done cannibalism, but have we done incest AND cannibalism?! Not that we can recall. [...]

103. The Dumas Brothel

In what is by far the most sex-positive episode of ITAG yet (sorry, Naked Abe), [...]

102. The Conjuring House

If you’re like Patrick, you don’t know what The Conjuring is. For everyone else…this episode [...]

101. LaLaurie Mansion

Well this one’s uncomfortable! Our Facebook fans chose this story over a nice, quaint, non-brutal [...]

100. Two Haunts and a Flaunt (Centennial Edition!)

It is somehow our 100th episode! noisemaker sound Who knew there were so many ghosts [...]

99. The Hatchet Lady of Red Rocks

Do you love good music, chill vibes, natural beauty, and an axe-wielding elderly ghost? Then [...]

98. The Haunted Train Station in Staunton, Virginia

Toot-toot! It’s another haunted train story, and you’re going to love it! Unless you’re like, [...]

97. The Lost Dutchman Mine

Double pairs of double episodes makes for one heck of a podcasting experience, doesn’t it? [...]

96. The Bellaire House

It’s not what you think, and there’s WAY less Uncle Phil than you’d like. This [...]

95. The Iron Goat Trail

So there’s this train in the Cascade Mountains, and it’s just sitting there, minding its [...]

94. The Ghost of Desmond Arthur

We all like to go fast, don’t we? YEAH! But do you like to go [...]

93. Vulture Mine

For our first official live Zoom event, where listeners could sit in on our weekly [...]

92. The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

Hot lake, hot springs, hot times, hot ghosts. Hot, hot, hot. Have you ever been [...]

91. The Lemp Mansion and Brewery

Beer, caves, and prostitutes in caves with beer, this one has everything. It’s a special [...]

90. Cyrus Teed and the Ghosts of Koreshanity

Cults are like Mogwai. We do not understand them, and we do not ask questions [...]

89. The Ghost of James Dean’s Car

No, you read that right. This is not the story of James Dean’s ghost. This [...]

88. The Battersea Poltergeist

Not all poltergeists suck your children in through a TV screen. Some of them just [...]

87. George Washington and the Ghosts of Mount Vernon

Dignified people die dignified deaths. Unless you’re George Washington, in which case your last 26 [...]

86. The Winecoff Hotel

Dignified people die dignified deaths. Unless you’re George Washington, in which case your last 26 [...]

85. Cheesman Park

The Rockies are a terror. The fact that the Colorado night sky isn’t lit up [...]