A weekly podcast where award-winning author Clayton Smith tells a real ghost story from real history to his real friend, Patrick Dean, who doesn’t take it real seriously.

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99. The Hatchet Lady of Red Rocks

Do you love good music, chill vibes, natural beauty, and an axe-wielding elderly ghost? Then [...]

98. The Haunted Train Station in Staunton, Virginia

Toot-toot! It’s another haunted train story, and you’re going to love it! Unless you’re like, [...]

97. The Lost Dutchman Mine

Double pairs of double episodes makes for one heck of a podcasting experience, doesn’t it? [...]

WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYINg about is this a ghosT?

I love listening to this podcast because it’s like I’m hanging out with friends around a bonfire, telling ghost stories while having an adult beverage. If you’ve never done that, I’m sorry and you must not be from the Midwest.

smartchicky0905 / Apple Podcasts

This podcast slays!!!

Sky.P.L. / Apple Podcasts

This is hands down, my favorite podcast now! I get so wrapped up in their banter that I forget it is supposed to have a ghost story in it. It made my husband laugh, which no podcast has ever done.

Humla Flicka / Apple Podcasts