60. Julia Staab, Ghost of Santa Fe’s La Posada Resort

When I dream / On my own / I’m alone but I ain’t lonely / For a dreamer night’s the only time of day / When the city’s finally sleeping / And my thoughts begin to stray / And I’m on the train that’s bound for Santa Fe / And I’m free / Like the wind / Like I’m gonna live forever / It’s a feeling time can never take away / All I needs a few more dollars / And I’m outta here to stay / Dreams come true / Yes they do / In Santa Fe

If you didn’t hear those words as sung by a young Christian Bale as you read them, Clayton’s not sure how to best continue with your friendship.

This is the story of famous Santa Fe ghost, Julia Staab. Surprisingly, there’s only one Newsies reference. Come for the ghost, stay for bathroom prudes, the wrong time to be Adolf, a bishop’s knob hobnob, Santa-Spider, Bishop Sex Machine, and one of them eatin’ ghosts.


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