33. Gunna the Icelandic Witch-Ghost

Not all ghosts were just regular yo-yo’s in their former lives. Some ghosts used to be honest-to-goodness witches. You can tell by whether or not they owned a pot. If there’s one thing witches do, it’s have pots. Especially in Iceland.

This is the story of Gunna the Icelandic Witch-Ghost. Come for the ghost, stay for an absolute butchering of Icelandic pronunciation, the famous Pinckney bend, burying Icelandic Yoda, Paul Hollywood’s eyes, which are a glamour, for he is a witch, how to fight a ghost, the best murder weapon (Icicle v. Sharp Stick), and a brand new game called, “Person or House Cat?” Plus, stay after the show for a particularly stupid outtake.

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