100. Two Haunts and a Flaunt (Centennial Edition!)

It is somehow our 100th episode! noisemaker sound Who knew there were so many ghosts in the world? To celebrate our centennial, Clayton has a surprise for Patrick — he’s turning the tables with his own version of Two Haunts and a Flaunt! But this time, there’s a twist. The three stories are all revisitations of stories we’ve already shared. That’s right…new ghosts from old haunts!

Then, after the stories, unpaid intern Jen Swanson joins the guys for a bit of trivia, a dash of Would You Rather?, and a touch of personal reflection from the last 100 episodes.

This is the 100th episode of Is This a Ghost? Come for the ghosts, stay for the scream of a child (as it were), tobaccopreneurship, a little leg bed, the coriander did it, 10 cc’s of soy sauce please, infants can stack, why is my brain flapping?, Kool-Aid and Takis and all the thwocking and the copping.

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