105. Popper, the Herrmann House Ghost

Some ghosts will scare you within an inch of your life. Others will unscrew peroxide [...]

104. The Ghost of Sawney Bean

We’ve done cannibalism, but have we done incest AND cannibalism?! Not that we can recall. [...]

103. The Dumas Brothel

In what is by far the most sex-positive episode of ITAG yet (sorry, Naked Abe), [...]

102. The Conjuring House

If you’re like Patrick, you don’t know what The Conjuring is. For everyone else…this episode [...]

101. LaLaurie Mansion

Well this one’s uncomfortable! Our Facebook fans chose this story over a nice, quaint, non-brutal [...]

100. Two Haunts and a Flaunt (Centennial Edition!)

It is somehow our 100th episode! noisemaker sound Who knew there were so many ghosts [...]

99. The Hatchet Lady of Red Rocks

Do you love good music, chill vibes, natural beauty, and an axe-wielding elderly ghost? Then [...]

98. The Haunted Train Station in Staunton, Virginia

Toot-toot! It’s another haunted train story, and you’re going to love it! Unless you’re like, [...]

97. The Lost Dutchman Mine

Double pairs of double episodes makes for one heck of a podcasting experience, doesn’t it? [...]

96. The Bellaire House

It’s not what you think, and there’s WAY less Uncle Phil than you’d like. This [...]

95. The Iron Goat Trail

So there’s this train in the Cascade Mountains, and it’s just sitting there, minding its [...]

94. The Ghost of Desmond Arthur

We all like to go fast, don’t we? YEAH! But do you like to go [...]

93. Vulture Mine

For our first official live Zoom event, where listeners could sit in on our weekly [...]

92. The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

Hot lake, hot springs, hot times, hot ghosts. Hot, hot, hot. Have you ever been [...]

91. The Lemp Mansion and Brewery

Beer, caves, and prostitutes in caves with beer, this one has everything. It’s a special [...]

90. Cyrus Teed and the Ghosts of Koreshanity

Cults are like Mogwai. We do not understand them, and we do not ask questions [...]

89. The Ghost of James Dean’s Car

No, you read that right. This is not the story of James Dean’s ghost. This [...]

88. The Battersea Poltergeist

Not all poltergeists suck your children in through a TV screen. Some of them just [...]

87. George Washington and the Ghosts of Mount Vernon

Dignified people die dignified deaths. Unless you’re George Washington, in which case your last 26 [...]

86. The Winecoff Hotel

Dignified people die dignified deaths. Unless you’re George Washington, in which case your last 26 [...]

85. Cheesman Park

The Rockies are a terror. The fact that the Colorado night sky isn’t lit up [...]

84. The Red Ghost of Arizona

Sure, you’ve heard of ghosts, but have you heard of RED ghosts? We didn’t think [...]

83. The Mistletoe Bride

Merry Christmas, friends! This year, we got you the dubious gift of an unedited episode [...]

82. The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Welcome to Clayton’s own personal hellscape, where we talk about nothing but fish for an [...]

81. The Ghosts of Grumblethorpe

A whole lot of ghost problems would be solved with a Magic Eraser. What are [...]

80. King Richard III, Parking Lot Ghost

Hear ye, hear ye, the king is dead; long live the king, primarily beneath a [...]

79. The Witch of Saratoga

This week’s story is kind of sweet, actually, in that whole “lonely life, sad witch, [...]

78. The Thanksgiving Ghosts of Plymouth Rock

Gobble gobble, it’s a ghost! We all know that Thanksgiving started in Plymouth, but what [...]

77. The Post-Death Life of Dorothy Parker

Sometimes it’s like, “Why is there a ghost in here?” Other times it’s like, “Hey [...]

76. The Real Story of Annabelle the Doll

We’ve “conjured” up something special this week — a real-life look at the real-life Annabelle [...]

75. Peg Entwistle, Ghost of the Hollywood Sign

Hoo-ray for Ghost-ywood! La la la something something, Ghost-ywood! The Academy Award for Best Podcast [...]

74. 2023 Halloween Spooktacular: Two Haunts and a Flaunt

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls! Welcome to another Halloween Spooktacular! It’s that special time of [...]

73. The Doppleganger Ghost of Beacon Hill Park

In what is already being called “the funniest episode of our generation,” we examine a [...]

72. The Bannister Doll

You thought this was going to be about an actual doll, didn’t you? Gotcha! It’s [...]

71. The Weeping Woman of Fish Creek

Saddle up, fellers, we’re gonna go punch us a ghost! We’re all very beefy, and [...]

70. Jean Baptiste, Ghost of the Great Salt Lake

Climb aboard the LDS immigrant ship, it’s time to sail to the Great Salt Lake! [...]

69. The Clown Motel

Look. You read the title. And now you’re here. We support that. In for a [...]

68. Gerald FitzGerald, the Wizard Earl of Kildare

Faith and begorrah, it’s off to wee Ireland to crack on about a wizard earl, [...]

67. The Pirates’ House in Savannah, Georgia

Strap on in to your peach holes, it’s time for a trip down south to [...]

66. The White Witch of Rose Hall

You guys, we did it. They said it was impossible, but I’m here to tell [...]

65. The Ghosts of Cock Lane

It’s hard to even say the name of this episode with a straight face. We’re [...]

64. The Monkeys and the Occultist

Have you ever seen the ghost of a monkey? How can you be so sure? [...]

63. Bill Sketoe’s Ghost Hole

Some holes need filling. And some of those holes can never feel truly filled, even [...]

62. Roy Simms, Texas A&M’s Meat Lab Ghost

Who among us hasn’t been in a college dining hall and thought, “I wonder if [...]

61. Stuckey’s Bridge

Bridges are weird, right? It’s like, “Hey, if you stop existing right now, I’ll die,” [...]

60. Julia Staab, Ghost of Santa Fe’s La Posada Resort

When I dream / On my own / I’m alone but I ain’t lonely / [...]

59. David Belasco and the Belasco Theatre

In our first and almost certainly only installment of Child Actors of the California Gold [...]

58. Titanic Captain Edward J. Smith

In an episode recorded purely for the SEO of the moment, the guys explore the [...]

57. The Durkee Mansion, or the Kemper Center

Ah, Wisconsin. Home of cheese curds, water slides, and a whole lot of people who [...]

56. The S.K. Pierce House

Chairs. You love them, we love them, our butts can’t get enough of them. But [...]

55. The Snedeker House

Welcome to Connecticut, where the oysters are clammy, the doctors are plenty, and not all [...]

54. The Ghost of Getter’s Island

The thing about early 19th century hangings is, sometimes they drew a crowd, and it’s [...]

53. The Odd Fellows and Belvoir Winery (Live from Pinckney Bend Distillery)

It’s time for our 2023 In Good Spirits tour! Which is a very special tour [...]

52. The Haunting of Summerwind Mansion: Part 2

We’re diving back into Summerwind, because if there’s one thing you should know about us, [...]

51. The Haunting of Summerwind Mansion: Part I

Much like the classic and much-beloved Fear Street Saga from R.L. Stine, Summerwind is about [...]

50. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Bloody hell, guvnor! We’re back to merry ol’ England, ain’t we? In the halls of [...]

49. Poveglia Island

Who wants to join us at an island resort? It’s abandoned and overgrown, and there [...]

48. The True Story of the Amityville Horror House

Sure, you’ve seen the movie. Or maybe you’re Patrick, and you haven’t. Which, if we’re [...]

47. The Ghosts of the USS Eastland Disaster (Live from C2E2 in Chicago)

In our very first live show, we do all the things we set out to [...]

46. The USS Akron Airship Ghost

Boy. Dirigibles. Was there ever so much promise that was met with such constant disaster? [...]

45. Jean Lafitte

Welcome to Nawlins, cher! Grab yourself some gumbo and chicory, ’cause I GA-RON-TEE this episode’s [...]

44. Hotel Vendome

Up in the high desert town of Prescott–which is not pronounced how it looks, and [...]

43. The Witch of Yazoo City

Yazoo City is more Yazoo than city, but that’s what you get for not heeding [...]

42. The T. B. Scott Mansion

Not all ghosts are ghosts. Some ghosts are curses that make new ghosts. But you [...]

41. Loftus Hall

Ireland isn’t all just shamrocks and marshmallows. It’s also about sheep wool and ghosts! And [...]

40. The Consumptive Cabins of Mammoth Cave

Caves are horrifying. Have you been inside a cave? They’re horrifying. So yeah, they make [...]

39. Mad Anthony Wayne

I know what you’re thinking. “I really like this podcast, but where are all the [...]


38. The Monte Cristo Homestead

G’DAY, MATES! This week, we’re pandering to our Aussie friends, but we’re doing a very [...]

37. Marie Corriveau

You’ve heard of France, right? Well get over yourself, we’ve all heard of France, and [...]

36. The Riddle House

We’re back in Florida, against our better judgment, and this time, we brought urns in [...]

35. The Brattleboro Retreat

In the picturesque woods of Vermont, there is a very tall tower with a very [...]

34. The Ancient Ram Inn

Most super-old buildings are still standing because they’re made of strong stuff, like stone and [...]

33. Gunna the Icelandic Witch-Ghost

Not all ghosts were just regular yo-yo’s in their former lives. Some ghosts used to [...]


32. The Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond

One if by land, two if by sea, three if by haunted ocean. DING, DING, [...]

31. Captain Tony’s Saloon

Welcome to Florida, where men swallow grenades, babies fight gators, and a mouse makes more [...]

30. Molly Crenshaw, the Missouri Witch

This episode is about a ghost, we promise. You’re going to have to wade through [...]

29. Robert the Doll

There’s no sugar-coating this one. It’s a haunted doll. This is a haunted doll episode. [...]

28. Abraham Lincoln, the White House Ghost

Look, I’ll just say it: We’re not experts in history, but we are experts in [...]

27. Wolfsegg Castle

Deep in the forests of Bavaria lurks an evil presence that feeds on innocent children [...]

26. The Lady in Black of Georges Island

There are lots of ladies who wear lots of colors, and Melanie Lanier was one [...]

25. The Ghosts of South Manitou Island

Don’t get too excited. South Manitou is an island, yeah, but only in the literal [...]

24. Mary Howe

Did you know Maine is more than just a hotbed of fictional horrors? We’re coming [...]

23. The Skirvin Hotel

The best thing about Oklahoma is that ghosts don’t like it anymore than you do. [...]


It’s Halloweentime, and we wanted to give you a treat. Or I guess it’s really [...]

21. The Ghosts of Flight 401

Sure, sex is great, but have you ever had the ghost of an airline pilot [...]

20. The Winchester Mystery House

With great wealth comes great responsibility, and we’re the first people in history to ever [...]

19. The Ackley House

There’s a beautiful house in quasi-upstate Nyack, New York, where the views are stunning, the [...]

18. The Haunted Liu Mansion

Pack your bags, we’re going to Taiwan! The Liu mansion is a classic haunted house. [...]

17. The Sallie House

Kansas has pretty solid corn, and oh man, such good cows. But did you know [...]

16. Bunghole Liquors

Yeah, you read that right. It’s time to talk about Bunghole Liquors, home to a [...]

15. The Black Monk of Pontefract

Join us for a jaunt over to merry olde England, to the quaint little town [...]

14. Chloe

There are many ghosts at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, and we are legally obligated [...]

12. The One-Handed Ghost of Flatbush

Not all ghosts have a good reason to walk through your walls every night, but [...]

11. The Union Screaming House

Sure, your house may have broadband and a pretty sweet ice maker, but does it [...]

10. The Hunt-Phelan House

Ah, Memphis. Famous for its blues, its martialized ducks, and its escape-hatch-house gold-burying dead-haunts. You [...]

9. The Skull-Faced Bishop

Everyone knows America invented ghosts, but what you may not know is that Canada has [...]

8. The Greenbriar Ghost

It’s hard to focus on the ghost story when the main character’s name is Zona. [...]

7. The Gray Man

Out on the coastal edge of the Carolinas, there is a gray, gloomy ghost who [...]

6. The Bell Witch

Just try to think of a better name for a ghost than “the Bell Witch.” [...]

5. Resurrection Mary

Sure, you’ve heard of hitchhikers, but have you heard of hitchhiker ghosts?! Oh, you have? [...]

4. Zombie Road

Deep in the suburban land of Lululemon and labradoodles lies the lonesome and loathesome Zombie [...]

3. Turnbull Canyon

Not all ghosts can be not related to early 20th century insane asylums. So here’s [...]

2. Sloss Furnaces

Bump on down to Birmingham-town, as the kids say, and learn all about the horrible [...]

1. The Ghost of Deer Island

Sure, it’s a headless skeleton hell-bent on dropping loose change, but is it a ghost? [...]